Tracy's Open Road


President & Music Supervisor
Commotion Records

“I'm such a big believer in encouraging your own voice.”


Film Music


Transitions Individualism


Accomplishing Goals


  • She had a ton of different jobs while she was in college.
  • She worked as a cocktail waitress, did temp work, was a flight attendant, and taught aerobics.
  • One day, she went to see the film, The Commitments, and when she saw "music supervisor" in the credits, she thought, "Hm, that sounds good."
  • She's now supervised more than 80 films, including Hotel Rwanda and Murderball.
  • Says that she was always worried when it came to job searching.
  • She watched her friends pass up on their dreams because they were too afraid to pursue them.
  • Knew that she couldn't just let her life go by; she had to follow her own unique voice and path.

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