Todd's Open Road


    Montreal Team


    San Francisco, CA


Lonely Planet Americas

“Traveling like that gave me the opportunity to see what was in my heart, and so I started pursing it all differently at that point.”


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Todd has accomplished what most people only dream of: he has made his avocation his vocation, a move that has given him the freedom to travel all over the world and earn a living at the same time. Unwilling to toil away as the CPA his parents had urged him to become, he traded the security of a job with a large accounting firm for the thrill of exploring uncharted lands, and writing about his journeys. In this way he took charge of his own destiny, and he hasn't looked back since. He may have taken the long route to get where he is, but as he claims, To me, it wasn't going down, it was about just getting a new view. Rather than reach an apex early in life and descend from there, as so many people do, he prefers to live on a different trajectory. According to Todd, Maybe I won't be at that apex right now, but that's fine, because I won't be so completely depleted. Evidently, he's happy with the view that Lonely Planet provides, and with the pace of life it offers.

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