Todd's Open Road


    Opportunity Youth


    Chicago, IL


Northwestern University School of Law

“No one thought that the kid waiting tables was going to become a law school professor doing work at the White House. But you just have to keep pushing harder and higher.”


Law Non-Profit Organizations


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Helping People


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  • Grew up with a single mother who struggled financially, and a brother who was a paraplegic.
  • Even in their situation, his mom was always giving back to the community; he always knew that he wanted to find a profession where he could help people, too.
  • Says "despite having a low-income background, his mom fought for him to get a high-income education."
  • He went to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor for his undergraduate studies; at the time, he wanted to be a doctor.
  • Got involved with the NAACP-- realized that while he could help some people as a doctor, he could potentially change the world if he went into law and policy.
  • While in law school, he realized that he wanted to go into public interest work, specifically, which is pro bono work for people who can't afford legal help.
  • He had to work multiple jobs to pay for school; says classmates made fun of him for working all the time and wearing hand-me-down clothes.
  • But he says that living in poverty, couch-surfing, and waiting tables helped put his life in perspective, and prepared him to take on any challenge.

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