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“I feel the most respect for people who keep searching. There are plenty of people who realize they are in the wrong thing and just keep looking.”


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  • He grew up in England, where he went through the classical English school system.
  • From an early age, he was interested in fine arts.
  • When he told his advisors that he wanted to go to art school, they discouraged him, told him he'd never make any money.
  • He originally went to art school to study painting, but then he discovered industrial design.
  • Fell in love with design, and went on to do his graduate work at the Royal College of Art in London.
  • After school, he moved to San Francisco and joined what would become the precursor to IDEO.
  • He's been with IDEO since 1987, a rarity in this day and age, and a testament to the company's exciting culture.
  • Reminds road-trippers to follow their own dreams over others' advice; says your parents don't have to live with your career-you do.

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