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    New York, NY


    Public Television: Season 11


Poet & Activist

“The heaviest thing you will have to carry as you move forward is regret. Make sure you're not carrying too much.”


Philosophy & Religion Writing


Exploration Family Fear Fulfillment Honesty Passion Risk Regrets Societal Pressures Struggle Transitions Values Choices Confidence Courage Culture Individualism Self-Reflection Education Character Money & Financial Security Inspiration Support & Encouragement Goals Experience


Learning and Being Challenged


abuse, activism, activist, Def Poetry Jam, feminism, homosexuality, Jamaica, journals, lesbian, poet, poetry, sex, sexual assault, shame, slam poetry, The Other Side of Paradise: A Memoir, Tony, writer, writing, youth


  • Her mother abandoned her family when she was born, and she says her relatives were not equipped to raise a mouthy young child.
  • She would always write through her angst in her journal, and she'd make up stories to take her out of reality.
  • She'd pretend she was Anne of Green Gables or Oliver Twist; she was inspired by stories of the down and out kids who made it.
  • After keeping all of her anger inside for years, she finally exploded and blurted out all of her struggles to her college roommates.
  • She calls that explosion a "valuable accident" because after that, she was free to use her voice, and she was able to come out as gay.
  • Her blatant outspokenness made her a target on campus, and when she was 22, she was sexually assaulted by a group of male students.
  • After the assault, she realized she couldn't live as an out lesbian in Jamaica, so she moved to the U.S.
  • She discovered the New York City poetry scene; getting up on that stage for the first time, she finally found the power behind her "roar."

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