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Gay Cuba

“I didn't get into filmmaking until I was almost 30. And it was kind of accidental…I never went to film school or anything like that.”


Film Non-Profit Organizations


Chance Planning Confidence


Cuba, excitement, intimidation, journalism, learning from others, perspective


Sonja DeVries, Filmmaker and activist, stumbled upon filmmaking while working as a free-lance journalist. After seeing some of DeVries' articles on Cuba, a group of Cuban non-government organizations approached her and asked if she'd be willing to do a film. At the time, DeVries struggled with doubts in her filmmaking abilities. However, DeVries learned to look past her insecurities by not comparing her work. While she admits that she still learns from other films, she doesn't contrast it to her own. Today, DeVries oozes confidence with her fiery red hair, nose piercing, tennis shoes, and make-up free face. Sitting on her own porch in the middle of rural Kentucky, surrounded by canopies of trees and wicker furniture, DeVries looks natural, comfortable, and at home.

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