Sarah's Open Road


    TEACH Roadtrip


    Columbus, OH


Senior Corps Member
City Year

“Be present. Don't let the fear of the future block out the light that you could be shining today.”


Education Non-Profit Organizations


Experience Success Struggle Community Dedication Education Fear Support & Encouragement Acceptance Doubt Failure Goals Confidence Hard Work Inspiration


Teaching / Mentoring


acceptance, afraid, ambitious, anger, beginning, change, committed, community, content, doubt, education, fear, goal, influence, negativity, reactions, relationships, students, succeed, trust


  • Always knew that she wanted to help people, and that she liked kids, so she entered college as an education major.
  • Realized she didn't want to teach the same curriculum year after year; switched her major to biology-thought she'd help people through the sciences instead.
  • Eventually fell into psychology, where she had a supervisor who had participated in City Year.
  • City Year is a national nonprofit that helps at-risk students improve their attendance records, class performance, and behavior.
  • She applied and was accepted to the program; went directly into City Year after she graduated, has been there for two years.
  • Works with a lot of students who grow up in stressful environments, are angry with their home lives and don't know how to express it.
  • Says kids' initial reaction to her is often one of suspicion; they're reluctant to admit they need help, want to do everything on their own.
  • Now she goes into schools with the understanding that she's fighting uphill battles, but knowing that ultimately, her work will pay off.

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