Sam's Open Road

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Green Chimneys Children's School

“Success is something that you know because you see children benefiting, families benefiting, animals benefiting, and it's something when you look in the mirror that you feel good about.”


Education Non-Profit Organizations


Confidence Dedication Desire Education Fear Hard Work Negativity Opportunity Passion Perseverance Pressure Risk Self-Reflection Success Struggle Transitions


animals, children, farm, possibility, relationships, sacrifice


Dr. Sam Ross is the septuagenarian who has lived according to his heart's desires, the successful founder of Green Chimneys Children's School, and the playful and loving man who introduces his Pomeranian, Spike, as his associate. Sam has done much more with his life than follow in his father's footsteps, a path he deviated from when he followed decided that he wanted to run a school rather than become a doctor, although he did earn his Ph.D. Green Chimneys, a nonprofit school for at-risk children and rehabilitating animals, is around today because he took advantage of opportunities and took chances and persuaded his father to buy the farm where the school is located. Now the children at the farm work with the animals, forming a bond and learning to overcome the fear of establishing relationships.

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