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Duration: 6:14

Themes Discussed:

Determination Education Experience Family Focus Fulfillment Goals Hard Work Money & Financial Security Opportunity Passion Perseverance Planning Pressure Self-Reflection Success Transitions

Tags: alarm clock, auto repair shop, bar, bartender, boss, building, building racecars, cabinets, car, cars, clocks, college, complaining, computers, dad, dealerships, desk, development car, DJ, don't watch the clock, dream, drive, driving, educated, electronics, engine, enjoyment, expectations, father, financial backing, first generation, follow a dream, formal education, fun, gardening, getting your hands dirty, hands on, happiness, happy, high school, hire, Italian, job, lottery, love, management, mechanic, millionaire, motivation, nuts and bolts, parents, Pocono International Raceway, prototype car, race cars, race fuel, races, remodel kitchen, reputation, restaurant, restaurants, scary, school, shop owners, side job, six-figure salary, smell, South America, speed, theory, tinkering, trade school, volunteer, volunteering, work, working, working man, working with your hands, young

Sal Donato

Owner & Mechanic
Philadelphia Motorsports
Philadelphia, PA

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