Ross' Open Road


W Hotels

“I could have never, ever, ever planned the stops along the way.”


Business Travel


Planning Pressure Chance Choices Exploration Opportunity Doubt Failure Self-Reflection


Accomplishing Goals


  • Growing up, he was always working, starting with cleaning toilets at his uncle's gas station in Melbourne, Florida
  • From there, he moved up to a job at Burger King.
  • He worked his way through college by working at Sears.
  • Realizing that he liked working in the retail sector, he majored in advertising and marketing.
  • He feels like his career goals didn't really manifest themselves until his second or third post-college job.
  • Says that the pressure of going from college straight into career is "a paradigm that needs to be broken."
  • To keep his job as president of W Hotels in perspective, he tells himself, "it's still a store."
  • Says that career pressures are almost always internal, so it's just a matter of managing those fears.

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