Rosemarie's Open Road


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    Philadelphia, PA


    Public Television: Season 9

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Dock Street Brewing Co.

“The real question is, do I want to realize my dream or someone else's dream?”


Entrepreneurship Food


Desire Fulfillment Passion Simplicity Community Success Culture Hobbies & Pastimes Hard Work Opportunity Negativity Struggle Risk


alchemy, beer, challenging yourself, creativity, dinner party, earning a living, family, food, happiness, home brewing, idea, ideas, lifestyle, literature, love, philosophy, photography, simple, society, teaching


Rosemarie Certo didn’t set out to start a nationally-acclaimed brewery that would become a basecamp for beer lovers. She just couldn’t find any decent American beers, so she started making them herself! A former teacher who had veered into photography, Rosemarie had no entrepreneurial or brewing experience. She just knew what good beer tasted like, and that was all she needed. (It also didn't hurt that she grew up in wine-obsessed Italy, which gave her a particularly perceptive palette for all things food and bevvie related). Her love of gastronomy led her start throwing dinner parties for friends with her homemade drafts. After a while, she thought, “Huh, I really enjoy this,” and decided to make it her livelihood. She put down the camera, opened up a brewery, and started making golden elixirs that would have people all over the country licking their lips. Today, she happily refers to herself an alchemist who combines hops, malt, and yeast like a mad scientist! Best of all? She gets to make not only herself, but other people happy, too. Whatever has you down, Rosemarie has a cure for what ales ya!

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