Rohan's Open Road




    New York, NY


Global Chief Information Security Officer
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

“Opportunities presented themselves, and if they were opportunities that I felt were more interesting, or if I felt like I’d have more fun or I’d learn something new, I just did it.”


Engineering Technology


Experience Exploration Courage Risk Chance Fear Planning Determination Hard Work


Learning and Being Challenged


accessibility, career, change, computers, direction, enjoyment, excellence, flexibility, focus, learning, open minded, opportunity, plans, preparation, projects, risk, team, the unknown, trust, worry


  • He originally entered college as a pre-medical student, but once he started his first few classes, he realized he was going down a path that wasn’t for him.
  • After one semester, he switched his major to computer and telecommunications engineering; he says that at the time, cybersecurity wasn’t even a widely discussed topic.
  • One of his school projects involved deploying computer labs in underprivileged parts of the world, and that was the first time he had to think about computer security at length.
  • Even so, the idea of cybersecurity was just a small seed of an idea in his brain; he still had no idea that it was a legitimate career path that he could pursue.
  • After college, he took a job working for Lockheed Martin, a large aerospace, defense, and security-focused engineering firm.
  • He assumed he’d be doing something related to software development at Lockheed Martin, but on his first day there, they pulled him into a cybersecurity project.
  • That first immersive experience gave him “the bug,” and he’s been working in cybersecurity ever since.
  • Even so, he admits that he’s never had a real “career plan”; rather, he’s chosen to simply pursue the things that interested him headfirst, seize new opportunities, and give each job his all.

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