Rob's Open Road


Artistic Director
Cirque du Soleil

“Travel far enough away, my friend, and you will discover something of incredible beauty: yourself.”


Acting & Theatre


Chance Perseverance Failure Risk Fear Passion Simplicity Honesty


alert, business, competitive diving, diving, dream, evolve, indiana jones stunt show, keep looking ahead, marketing, moving on, olympics, paying your dues, questioning, security, structure, stunt man, stuntman, stunts, trampoline, uncertainty


In the sweltering city of Las Vegas, Nevada, where temperatures soar over 100 degrees, Rob Bollinger's Cirque du soleil "O" is a tall glass of water. With astonishing feats performed by acrobats, synchronized swimmers and divers, "O" is the talk of the desert. Artistic director Rob Bollinger has much in common with his performers. While in college, Rob was involved in trampoline stunt work and competitive diving. Due to Rob's history of diving and trampoline skills, he took an interest in professional stunt work. Rob and his wife quickly became involved in doing stunt work for television and film. When Cirque du Soleil came into their town for auditions, Rob's wife decided to audition. She made the team and persisted her husband to apply. Rob sent in an audition tape and was accepted. One thing led to another, and Rob landed his current job. Having personal satisfaction with his work, Rob believes that everybody should seek his own sense of individual success.

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