Richard's Open Road


Getty Museum

“It's not so much what you do; it's how you do it and what your attitude is about it.”


Design Engineering


Fulfillment Passion


attitude, chaos, contribute to society, making a contribution, order, perception, perspective, worry


When Richard Meier reflects on his formative years, he speaks fondly of the workroom to which he often retreated in the basement of his childhood home. In that memorable space, he spent many pleasurable hours drawing at his drafting board, as well as making model boats and airplanes. From these experiences a career in architecture seemed like a natural progression. Following the advice he gives young people today, he built a career around something that gave him pleasure. Part of that pleasure, he explains, involves creating a sense of order from the chaos that surrounds us. Architecture also attracts him because it can heighten our perceptions and help us see things we might otherwise miss. Although Meier has designed such acclaimed buildings as the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, he avoids selecting favorites. Rather than turn to the past for satisfaction, he stays focused on his current work, which continues to excite him.

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