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    The Original Roadtrip


    San Francisco, CA



“Time is our only precious asset. We pretend that it's money, we pretend that it's material goods…we could all disappear tomorrow. If this moment isn't a positive, constructive moment for us, it's wasted.”


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Fear Money & Financial Security Opportunity Passion Self-Reflection Societal Pressures Support & Encouragement


Being Creative


Apple, Brown University, following your bliss, Harvard, in the moment, law school, mistakes, motivation, time


Ironically enough, entrepreneur and thought leader Randy Komisar didn't think too much about his future while he was in college. After graduating from Brown University, he simply followed his interests, doing everything from teaching economics to promoting rock concerts. After a few years of working odd jobs, Randy started feeling the pressure to "get serious," so he decided to go to law school, which he ended up doing so at Harvard University. It didn't take him long to realize that law was not the path for him once he finished school—but he continued with it anyway. After working as a lawyer for Apple Computers for a few years, Randy decided to branch out to help companies build stronger businesses with their visions. He slowly transitioned to taking the risk of starting his own companies, aiding the launch of the successful TiVo and WebTV. Today, he works for various companies as a "catalyst for ideas," describing himself as a "serial entrepreneur" and "virtual CEO" and loving the niche he has carved out for himself as a creative free agent. Randy is the author of the best- selling book The Monk and the Riddle published by Harvard Business School Press and a consulting professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford University.

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