Peter's Open Road


Film Critic
Rolling Stone Magazine

“How could you do that for seventeen years if you didn't have that feeling?”


Film Journalism


Chance Fear Passion Determination Confidence Self-Reflection


Being Creative


  • He was "that kid" who always wanted to talk about movies.
  • His friends didn't always humor him, so he started keeping a little notebook with ratings so he could "talk to himself."
  • He kept his work a secret because he didn't want his friends to judge him for watching movies over and over again.
  • At the age of 16, he hustled his way into an interview with John Wayne by lying and saying he was a reporter for Reader's Digest.
  • As a lifelong fan of "The Duke," he spent the whole 20-minute interview in a daze; somehow the piece was good enough to serve as his big break.
  • Says his job let him transition from an obnoxious movie-geek kid into an obnoxious movie-geek adult.
  • Believes that you have to have a true passion for what you're writing about to keep it from being cliché-ridden.
  • His number one piece of advice for road-trippers is, "You can't stop dreaming."

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