Pete's Open Road

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    The Original Roadtrip


    Atlanta, GA


    Public Television: The Original Roadtrip

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VP of On-Air Promotions
Cartoon Network

“One thing that keeps me happy and has kept me here and kept me motivated is feeling like you're part of something and you're moving this thing forward.”




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Accomplishing Goals


CIA analyst, FBI agent, happiness, lawyer


Like most overqualified graduates coming straight out of college, Pete Johnson's first job was temping; basically alphabetizing and stacking. At times, his lack of finances forced him to decide whether he wanted to eat lunch and walk 45 minutes home, or eat no lunch and spend the money on the train ride home. Lunch just about always won. After a few years of unfulfilling temp jobs, Pete made up his mind to pursue a job in a field that excited him: entertainment. He went to work the night shift at a news station in San Diego to get his foot in the door, despite having no real interest in the news. Eventually, he found himself working as a page at NBC in New York, giving tours. He went on to work for shows like Saturday Night Live and Letterman, but felt dissatisfied when he was asked to perform trivial tasks like making sales tapes for Hard Copy. One day, a friend recommended that Pete apply for a job at the Cartoon Network. Determined to do work that reflected his passions, Pete decided to do it. His gamble paid off. He was accepted for the job, and he's been at the Cartoon Network ever since. As the vice president of On-Air Promotions, Pete gets to immerse himself in what he loves everyday: cartoons! He encourages everyone to single out the thing they love, and go for it.

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