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Judge/Author/Ordained Minister

“Stop being outside of who you are and watching your life from the sidelines. This is all part of an evolution ... We are the total sum of our life experiences.”


Law Philosophy & Religion Television


Determination Struggle Desire Beliefs & Faith Choices Passion Fear Planning Fulfillment Confidence Pride Individualism


Helping People


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Penny Brown Reynolds grew up in a small, primarily Catholic, town in Louisiana. It was there that she was often mistreated and shunned from others because of the way she grew up. Penny's mother was a single parent who had lived in poverty and dealt with a lot of trials throughout her life. Growing up, Penny had watched her mother struggle throughout her life. And when Penny was an adult, she had also dealt with many of the same challenges such as abuse and oppression. Knowing that she wanted to overcome oppression in her life, Penny went to law school in Georgia to become a prosecutor. But after several years, she wanted to help others overcome oppression in their lives, so she decided to become a judge. As a judge, Penny felt a sense of pride—something she didn't often feel as a child. After five years on the bench, however, Penny had a realization one day that she needed to reach out to others who were oppressed through ministry. It was then that Penny decided to become a preacher and an ordained minister. Since then, Penny has become a star of her own reality television series, "Family Court with Judge Penny," and has authored many of her own publications. Penny also started her own nonprofit foundation that helps families and empowers women.

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