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    New York, NY


Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker
The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation

“In the end, it’s all come down to believing in myself and believing in my choices.”


Art Film


Struggle Doubt Courage Failure Focus Exploration Hard Work Inspiration Choices Support & Encouragement


Communicating / Sharing Stories


anxiety, art, art history, career, challenges, documentary, doubt, dyslexia, failures, fear, film, filmmaking, goals, interview, learning, learning disability, mistakes, passion, photography, producer


  • Diagnosed with dyslexia at five years old.
  • Felt like she had a chip on her shoulder, and constantly had to prove herself in her classes because she had struggled from such a young age.
  • She always wanted to learn about the world through visual mediums rather than by reading texts.
  • One of her teachers realized that she might have a talent for making art, rather than studying it, and recommended she transfer into the visual arts department.
  • There, she found that photography and film came somewhat naturally to her; she no longer had to fight tooth and nail to prove herself in her classes.
  • When she entered the workforce, she shied away from certain jobs because she was worried her employers would find out she was dyslexic.
  • Instead, she started writing and producing her own films, one of which, The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation, won an Oscar.
  • Says that her LD has helped her as a filmmaker because it taught her how to accept and own her mistakes.

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