Paula and Lorenz's Open Road


Biked Around the World for Asthma Awareness

“You can't know. That's adventure. Adventure is not knowing, and saying, 'I'm going to take step one and see what happens.”


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  • Paula and Lorenz Eber are a married couple that biked around the world with their daughters.
  • Traveled over 9,000 miles and passed through 24 countries on four different continents.
  • Paula has had asthma since she was two years old; when she first met Lorenz, she could barely run around the block.
  • Cycling around the world was her way of saying, "This disease doesn't get me down; I can do what I want."
  • She originally pursued a career in psychology, but later realized her true passion was traveling and meeting new people.
  • Lorenz says that if you just go through the "steps" (college, partner, house, kids), you end up looking around, wondering, "Now what?"
  • The couple says that life is dangerous, but you can't be afraid of it; "you might as well live it."
  • Both believe that our generation has more opportunities than ever before; we just have to break out of our bubbles and try new things.

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