Paula and Lorenz's Open Road


Biked Around the World for Asthma Awareness

“You can't know. That's adventure. Adventure is not knowing, and saying, ‘I'm going to take step one and see what happens.'”


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Paula and Lorenz Eber project the enthusiasm of two people who have survived a life-changing adventure that surpassed their expectations. Willing to ignore both fears of failure and criticism from others, Paula, Lorenz, and their two daughters biked around the world for asthma awareness and at the same time embarked on a pilgrimage to broaden their perspectives. En route, they challenged themselves in new ways. On a journey that took 478 days, the Ebers biked 9,331 miles (14,932 km) across twenty-four countries. From Washington, D.C., they flew to Greece and then to Turkey, cycled over the Alps into Austria and continued up the Rhine through Germany, Poland, and Holland. They also traveled through England, France, Northern Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Mongolia, Beijing, the Japanese Islands, and Australia. After flying back to the U.S., they followed the Lewis and Clark Trail, went on to Canada, and then headed back to Washington, D.C., where the ride ended.

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