Pam's Open Road


Gabriel's Angels

“I think you have to know exactly who you are in there. And I don't think people know that. They become so busy they don't know who they are.”


Non-Profit Organizations


Experience Self-Reflection Simplicity Transitions Individualism


animals, business, busy, children, corporate world, dogs, not ready, over extended, self discovery, technology, training, volunteering


Pam Gaber found her passion in life when she drastically switched professions from pharmaceutical sales to founding a nonprofit organization. Pam quit her job, and began volunteering at a crisis nursery in Phoenix, Az., and adopted a dog. One day, Pam decided to bring her dog, Gabriel, to the nursery. She brought him to the nursery's Christmas party, and dressed the poor dog up like a reindeer. The kids loved it. With the help of Gabriel, Pam has now made it her duty to help abused, neglected children find joy. Since that day, she has learned much from both animals and children.

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