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    Poor, Lazy Overachievers


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Crochet Artist

“I wanted to get out there and say, ‘Hey, it's okay, you can get out and do these things, and why not?”




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Being Creative


communication, disappointment, family, femininity, having an idea, home schooling, little things, market research, masculinity, optimism, panic, questioning, religion, self expression, sexuality, stuck, validation


Nathan Vincent, a crochet artist who has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, grew up as a pastor's son in the Midwest, pressured to live up to certain norms, standards, and ideals in his family and in society. But Nathan did all the things he felt like he wasn't ‘supposed' to do as a young boy: crafts, draw, and play piano. Home-schooled all his life, Nathan didn't have a high school counselor to turn to when he had to decide about college. So, Nathan set out to art school in California, but during his third year, he moved to New York City to finish his studies. He received little support from his family, but for the first time, Nathan felt comfortable in his new city—people accepted him for whom he was and what he wanted to do. After five-and-a-half years of studying art, Nathan questioned what he had to say with his artwork. But one day, he was embroidering on a painting when a professor noticed and asked him about it. Nathan learned he was really intrigued by the gender norms that society sets. Why is it weird if a boy wants to crochet or a girl wants to work on cars? That's when Nathan started crocheting these ideas into tangible art to express his feelings and people took notice of the statement he was making. Nathan has received numerous prizes for his work and his art has been featured in galleries and in the blogosphere.

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