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Crochet Artist

“I wanted to get out there and say, 'Hey, it's okay. You can get out and do these things, and why not?”


Art Design


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Being Creative


  • Grew up in the Midwest, his father was a preacher; was homeschooled and was always a shy child who liked arts and crafts.
  • Didn't have a guidance counselor when choosing an art school, so he originally chose a small Christian school in California.
  • Once he figured out that he truly had a talent for the arts, he knew he had to transfer to an arts school in New York.
  • His family didn't support his decision to move to New York, go to a liberal school, but he says New York City was the first place that felt like home.
  • He'd been studying drawing and painting, but he never felt like he had anything to say with those mediums.
  • One day, a professor saw him embroidering and they started a conversation about the overlap of crafting and gender norms.
  • He felt like his upbringing had tried to get him to fit in one gendered box, so he wants his crocheting to say, "It's okay for boys to do this!"
  • Says although his own familial support system fell away, that taught him how to be his own biggest supporter and fan.

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