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Section Chief

“You need a plan.”


Government Law


Self-Reflection Focus Family Hard Work Goals Planning Passion Regrets Education Fear Success Struggle


Accomplishing Goals


  • Always knew she wanted to be in law enforcement; sees the FBI as the highest form of that.
  • She grew up very poor, which she says taught her to have the drive to get out that situation.
  • When she was 18, she went to the local police department and tried to apply.
  • Says they laughed at her, but they allowed her to help out with writing parking tickets.
  • One day, as she was looking at the "Most Wanted" list, like she did everyday, she saw a bank robber that she knew.
  • She ended up aiding the FBI in catching this notorious bank robber.
  • Soon after, she went to the police academy, which set her down the path to joining the FBI.
  • Her grandmother told her, "If you're doing the best work you can, someone will recognize that"; says that advice turned out to be absolutely true.

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