Morris' Open Road

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    The Original Roadtrip


    Washington, DC



“You never know where your road's going to take you, and you never know where your big break's gonna come from.”


Government Law


Chance Focus Hard Work Perseverance


Accomplishing Goals


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Morris Reid didn't really appreciate education at first and was unfocused during high school. He had a mentor though who was one of the main reasons why Morris went on to college at the University of Akron in Ohio. But once there, Morris already had an urge to get out and explore the world. While in college during the early 90s, Morris started a small public relations company that represented politicians. It was so successful that he was asked by a state representative to work on Bill Clinton's presidency campaign. Morris ended up running the northeast Ohio campaign for Clinton up until he was elected. Because of his hard work ethic, Morris was asked by an aide for Hillary Clinton to work for the Clinton administration in Washington, D.C. Morris appreciated the offer, but confided that he really wanted to work for Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown. A couple days later, Morris got his big break: he received a call that he could get a job working for Ron—by taking care of Ron's mother and mother-in-law. Although it wasn't exactly what Morris expected, he was ecstatic and accepted the offer. Later, Morris was then offered his dream position as Ron's personal aide—a big job that required him to be with Ron on every mission. Ron soon became like a mentor to Morris. In 1996, however, an unfortunate turn of events happened that changed Morris' outlook on life forever. He was supposed to get on a plane with Ron to war-torn Croatia, but Ron wanted him to stay behind. Despite what Ron said, Morris took a separate flight there anyway, but when he arrived, he was handed unexpected news: Ron Brown's flight never landed. It was discovered later that the plane crashed in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was a horrific experience for the then 26-year-old Morris, but he's tried to look at the positive. Since then, Morris has a new look on life and feels that he was given a second chance.

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