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Maximumrocknroll Magazine

“I've never understood the American psyche of when you're eighteen years old, you have to decide what you're going to do for the rest of your life.”


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"To me, it's not a living but it's a life. I don't give a s*** about making a career." Mike Thorne is the coordinator of Maximum Rock ‘N' Roll Magazine, a publication dedicated to the coverage of completely independent punk-rock bands. Mike, who has played and toured across America and Europe in punk bands, started the magazine when he noticed a lack of coverage for underground, independent punk. "The thing is with punk, especially with real punk, like punk that's independent and underground punk, there's no one to write about it. I think if people from Maximum Rock 'N' Roll [...] weren't writing about these bands, than no one would, and that's why I view this as being important." What do his parents think? "My parents didn't and still don't get it. They want me to get a real job; although, I kind of feel like I have a real job because I work around sixty hours a week. [...] My dad is still waiting for my punk phase to end." Despite a lack of parental approval, Mike pursued his passion and, although his company is no Rolling Stone, it is successful. And success, for Mike, isn't money, it's about underground punk-music. "Maximum right now has an amazing space and it's really nice, but honestly, if we were doing this in a warehouse and I was sleeping on a dirty mattress on the floor, I'd still be doing this."

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