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Founder/Creative Director
Jager Dipaola Kemp

“Just follow what you love, which is maybe a cliche answer but I think that's truly it. Not a lot of people have the backbone to do that.”


Design Entrepreneurship


Beliefs & Faith Character Confidence Conflict Dedication Determination Experience Family Fear Fulfillment Goals Honesty Individualism Instincts Passion Risk Struggle Success Support & Encouragement


Being Creative


distinction, frustration, opinions, philosophy, point of view, punk music, snowboarding, wasted time


Michael Jager exudes self-confidence through his demeanor and the artwork that marks the decor of his studio in Vermont. Michael had little exposure to art and graphic design as a child because his father was a cottage cheese factory worker and his mother a beautician, but even at a young age, Michael had an inkling for art. At 17 years old he went to art and design school in Montreal. He was interested in photography and influenced by early punk. In school, he started doing graphic design for the punk bands in Montreal. Michael had planned to go to New Orleans to continue building his career, but made a pit stop to make some extra money in Burlington, Vermont. There he got a job at a design firm where he was the second hire in a one-person design shop doing newspaper ads and menus for local restaurants. Michael began to become engrossed in Vermont, so he started his own firm working with punk bands at night and firms like IBM by day. He never made it to New Orleans.

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