Michael's Open Road



“We're all going to miss lots of shots trying to become good at making baskets, but you've gotta just keep doing it.”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • At age 22, he was touring with his band, living out of a van, crashing at the houses where they'd play.
  • Was taught that he should always do the dishes when he stayed at someone's house-keeps up that belief in respect and hospitality in everything he does.
  • Didn't get into music because he wanted to get rich and famous, but because he felt he had "something burning in his heart."
  • As he was going into surgery for a ruptured appendix, he got a text saying that one of his songs had finally broken into the Top 20.
  • Had the realization that "success" was nice, but it didn't matter if he couldn't share it with his family.
  • Says his passion for music is still as strong as it was when he was that 22-year-old kid living out of a van.
  • Considers himself extremely lucky to have built a profession and a life wherein he's happy most of the time.
  • Says decision-making should be thought of as quantitative, not qualitative-try different things, don't be afraid to fail, and don't wait for the perfect moment.

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