Meredith's Open Road


Wilson's Double Diamond Ranch

“Look for the beauty in whatever [you're] doing.”


Environment & Nature


Culture Fulfillment Inspiration


balance, being with family, biology, busy, emotion, enjoyment, enlightenment, environment, giving back, happiness, money, outdoors, plant science, ranching, spiritual, using our senses, work, working


Meredith Wilson began his journey at Utah State University where he found he had a passion for plant science and obtained a degree in plant science and a minor in biology. However, after graduation he was unsure where his path would lead. He interviewed for a few jobs but they didn't seem right. He decided to come back home because he felt like he wasn't settled on where he wanted to go or do. He realized this is where he wanted to be and do all along. By listening to his own voice he stayed at home in Wyoming to pursue farming and his happiness.

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