Meredith's Open Road


Wilson's Double Diamond Ranch

“Look for the beauty in whatever [you're] doing.”


Environment & Nature Science


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Went to Utah State for college; studied plant science and biology.
  • He would always go back home to Wyoming for his summers and work on his family's ranch.
  • When the time came to choose a job, nothing felt like it was quite the right fit.
  • At first, he moved back home to the ranch as kind of a placeholder while he figured out what he wanted to do.
  • Looking back, he thinks he always knew that he was meant to live and work on the ranch, but he just had to try a few other things first.
  • One of the most important components to his happiness is being outdoors and using his senses, and working on the ranch fulfills that.
  • Says that in our culture, we get too busy and focus on work and money.
  • He likes the ranch life because it allows him to slow down, balance his life, and find beauty in his work.

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