Mary's Open Road


One2One Living

“I think dealing with people is harder than rocket science.”


Journalism Writing


Confidence Negativity


engineering, people, rocket scientist, satellite communications, security, self belief, space


A former satellite engineer, Mary Spio has gone from launching satellites into space to launching her own magazine, One2One Living, a guide for Gen-X singles. A member of that generation herself, she practices the philosophy she espouses: "It's your life! Live it!" Mary has learned to go after what she wants. As Mary recounts, when she first began working most of her colleagues were single, and she was single, too. Everyone she knew seemed to be searching for alternatives to the club scene, but these twenty-something singles lacked information about their options. Comprehensive guides were hard to find. Mary thought she could help. Whereas some people might think she made a radical break with her past, she sees continuity: "Before I was doing communications in outer space. Now I'm doing communications right here on earth...The methodology stays the same. What I'm doing stays the same. The variables have just changed. I'm not dealing with things anymore. I'm dealing with people."

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