Mary's Open Road


VP of Logistics

“If you don't really feel that you're being the best you can be, and that you're growing and pushing yourself, then you're just being average.”




Self-Reflection Goals Opportunity


construction, expectation, expectations, growth, information, knowledge, liberation, mediocrity, not knowing, talking to people


Mary Bell, now vice president of Caterpillar and chairman and president of Caterpillar Logistics, Inc., was uncertain about her road growing up and started to wonder if was she the only one who didn't know what she wanted to do. So she started asking people of all walks of like how they got to their position. With the knowledge that she gained from talking with others, she reflected on what she was really talented at and what she liked. She wasn't looking or expecting for the opportunity at Caterpillar in 1981, but she decided to give it a go. She first started as a marketing trainee and then became a parts and sales service rep, then moved to other positions in various capacities at Caterpillar. Mary has been working at Caterpillar for more than 25 years and continues to love her path.

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