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“That's what having faith is all about: Trusting even when you don't know what the next step is going to look like.”


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As an entrepreneur, scholar, motivational speaker, and litigator, Marshawn Evans is very driven. However, she wasn't always like that. Luckily, an encouraging teacher gave her some words of advise that changed her perspective on life and gave her great hope. "She told me that ‘you define you. If you define yourself, it's got to be up to you.' That completely changed my life at the age of ten." Realizing that she could do anything that she wanted, Marshawn now faced the problem of deciding on a career. So what did she do? Everything she wanted to. In 2001 she became Miss District Colombia and in 2005 she received her law degree, which was financed entirely by scholarships. Today she is an up-and-coming litigator. Although Marshawn admits that trying to decide on her next career step is difficult, she still tries to stay grounded.

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