Maribel's Open Road


MarieBelle Fine Treats and Chocolates

“When you enjoy what you do you put your passion in and you work so hard that the money will come.”


Entrepreneurship Food


Determination Planning Pressure Family Hard Work Individualism Money & Financial Security Passion


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Maribel Lieberman dreamed as a girl in Honduras of something different. She knew she didn't want to go the traditional route by being a doctor or a lawyer; she wanted to do something artistic that would allow her to express herself. At first, she wanted to be an architect, but her parents wanted her to get a normal job, and told her she wouldn't even be able to finish college if she wanted be an architect. Her mother told her she should be a bilingual secretary and learn English, so that's what Maribel did but she failed because she hated it. Her energy led her to leave her home country by herself to the U.S. where she learned more about herself. She now runs a successful business, MarieBelle Fine Treats and Chocolates.

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