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Duration: 9:15

Themes Discussed:

Beliefs & Faith Community Confidence Conflict Family Inspiration Opportunity Passion Pride Self-Reflection Success Values

Tags: 9 to 5, age, angry, arrogant, art, art form, artistic concepts, bad poetry, believe, blue collar, boring, boss, breaking out, business world, career, chart, Chicago, Chicago poetry ensemble, child, civil rights, class, clear, comfortable, commodity, commotion, community, confidence, confused, construction, construction worker, courage, destiny, did well, different direction, doorway, doorways, ego, emotions, encouragement, english major, escape, estimator, ethics, event, express, failed, family, famous, feelings, ferocious, first wife, flyers, friends, Get Me High Jazz Club, grow, growing up, habit, happy, hate, helping, hot dog carts, how to books, impress, indications, insecure, insecurity, issues, joints, journey, kids, learn, learn on the spot, letters, life change, light bulb, listen, living, married young, materialize, meeting, mind, misery, museum piece, north, not right, offers, office, old man, open, passion, passionate, performance poetry, performing, plants, poet laureate, poetry, poetry books, poetry reading, positive, preconception, proud, questions, quit, raging, read, readings, rejection, rejection slips, rich, right thing, rut, savings, searching, sensitive, service, shake, share, shows, slam poetry, slow reader, smart, soul, South Carolina, stage, starve, 'straight life', street musician, student, stupid, style, success, successful, suits, surprising, surveyor, team, thinking, three kids, tradition, travel, turn down, turning point, unclear, understanding, unethical business man, uniques, uptown poetry slam, void, watch, wheel and deal, wife support, writer, writing

Marc Kelly Smith

Poetry Slam Movement
Chicago, IL

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