Malcolm's Open Road

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    Yankee Kiwis


    Christchurch, Canterbury NZ

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Governing Director
Home of Poi Ltd.

“…I was doing it for love sort of thing, and I wanted to help people juggle because it just increased your self esteem and made you feel so good about yourself.”


Acting & Theatre Entrepreneurship


Dedication Failure Fulfillment Hobbies & Pastimes Passion Perseverance Pressure


control, electrician, influence, juggling, problem solving


Malcolm Crawshay knew he wanted to be an electrician, but what he didn't know was that his talent would eventually help him create a unique product for jugglers and performance artists. One day, after realizing it was hard to juggle when it was dark outside, Malcolm decided he would create a product that would light up. He started his business in his parents' living room, creating different prototypes. The first few years were hard; he barely made a cent and felt extreme pressure. But Malcolm knew he had produced something valuable. His business, Home of Poi, eventually caught on and rapidly expanded. "That was what kept me going—other people appreciating it and knowing there was a need for it, and I felt compelled to get through my troubles to help others," he says.

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