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“Don't think that your first few jobs are going to determine your future. Be open to more possibilities.”


Entrepreneurship Technology


Education Experience Exploration Instincts Passion Acceptance Pressure Chance Courage Desire Self-Reflection Fear Opportunity Confidence Individualism Pride Failure Risk Determination Goals Perseverance Hobbies & Pastimes Fulfillment Money & Financial Security


Teaching / Mentoring


art, design, failures, inner voice, internet, introvert, knowing what you want, motivation, passion, practice, public speaking, say yes, self education, shy, teacher, teaching, tour, unsure, web design, website


  • Her parents divorced when she was young, and she was sent to live with various family members; as a result, she became depressed.
  • When she was in high school and college, she was very introverted and intimidated by public speaking.
  • She realized she'd have to teach herself to want to learn and want to be happy; became interested in progressive and alternative education.
  • Had an interest in graphics and animation; one day, while shopping, she saw the first Macintosh personal computer and bought it.
  • Her friends in the animation and special effects field were constantly asking her questions about her computer, so she started consulting.
  • When the Internet rolled around, she immediately realized that people were going to need to learn web design; she started teaching classes.
  • Eventually the classes shifted to an online format; now offers thousands of online video tutorials on software, creative and business skills.
  • Says her success has come from "always going towards the light"-making changes when her inner voice told her she was in the wrong place.

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