Linda's Open Road


Plastic Surgeon
Dr. 90210

“…Whatever it takes to succeed, whatever sacrifices you have to make, you make them to make yourself happy in life.”






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Dr.Linda Li is a plastic surgeon living in Beverly Hills, CA. She is in fact the only board certified plastic surgeon in the Beverly Hills area with her own surgery center and she appears regularly on the E! Television reality show, Dr. 90210. Sitting next to her husband, Bill, while recounting her career, Linda exudes the humility and the quiet self-confidence of someone who is at once secure in her numerous professional accomplishments and at peace with her personal life. Surprisingly, though, Linda didn't always plan on a profession in medicine. Her high school years were spent preparing for a career in a completely different field - engineering. How did Linda know that embarking on the long road to a career in medicine would make her happy in the end? She didn't.

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