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Denver Fire Department

“It's how you feel inside about what you've done and what you've accomplished. If you're happy with it, if you're good with it, then you're a success.”


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Helping People


  • When he graduated high school, he didn't have a clue of what he wanted to do.
  • College wasn't an option for him, so he joined the Marines.
  • Worked on F-4 jets, then was eventually sent to Vietnam; says that was the "scariest six months of his life."
  • Returned to working on jets, but after six years, he realized it wasn't what he wanted to do with his life.
  • Brainstormed with his wife about what else he could do; she suggested "fireman," and he got hooked on to the idea.
  • Says being a fireman is like playing with grown-up toys; you're doing a serious task, but riding on a truck and tearing holes in buildings can also be fun.
  • Believes that our purpose in life is to help other people, and that's why firefighting is so rewarding for him.
  • Says you can't ever be completely happy with yourself, because you'll become mediocre; you should always be pushing yourself a little bit.

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