Lee's Open Road


Delta Of Venus Cafe

“If you start applying yourself to something, you will not believe how fulfilling your life will become and how good you'll get at that thing.”


Entrepreneurship Food


Chance Hard Work Negativity Success Community Exploration Individualism


applying yourself, asking for advice, business, challenges, conformity, death, living, military, music, sanctuary, similarities, the universe, timing


Lee Walthall, owner of the Delta of Venus café located in Davis, CA, has long, jet-black hair, sports a scruffy goatee and wears a small silver hoop in each ear. Before he bought the Delta, Lee covered sports for the Davis Enterprise. Before that, he was in the army for three years. Lee also plays bass. He invokes images of a Birkenstock clad pirate who talks like a street-wise guru. Not bad for a high school dropout. Lee decided to own a restaurant, so he went out and did the legwork with the zest of a man who had received his calling. The Delta of Venus is filled with colorful patrons who have gathered to eat and enjoy a festive atmosphere. Original, eclectic artwork hangs from virtually every inch of free wall space and a smoking blues band is finishing up a killer set on a stage positioned against a tile mosaic seascape. The place reeks of a youthful spirit, limitless possibility and a buzzing energy; it's an obvious success.

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