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Duration: 6:45

Themes Discussed:

Acceptance Community Confidence Courage Doubt Focus Hard Work Inspiration Passion Risk Struggle

Tags: accepting yourself, accomplishments, activism, ADHD, advocate, anxiety, art, awareness, belief, career, challenge, challenges, chances, childhood, college, comfortable, communication, community, confidence, confusion, counselor, creativity, criticism, depression, diversity, doubt, dyslexia, dyspraxia, education, entrepreneurship, experience, failures, fame, family, fear, focus, friendship, goals, growing up, help, high school, homeless, identity, impact, improvement, individuality, innovation, inspiration, integration, isolation, journey, knowledge, leadership, learning disability, meditation, moments, networking, opportunity, originality, overcoming, poetry, positive, positive attitude, potential, process, public speaking, rhythm, risk, school, Self Confidence, separation, struggle, struggles, success, therapy, transformation, trial and error, words, worried, writing

LeDerick Horne

Poet / Disability Advocate

New York, NY

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