Leah's Open Road


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    New Orleans, LA


Owner & Chef
Dooky Chase

“You're not gonna go through life without making some kind of mistake. You're not gonna go through life without stumbling. You're gonna stumble, and some of us fall hard. But you're learning as you go.”


Entrepreneurship Food


Courage Perseverance Struggle Community Fulfillment Risk Fear Negativity Desire Choices Values Simplicity Character Culture Individualism Opportunity Honesty Acceptance Education Inspiration


Upholding a Cause and Belief


afraid, civil rights, climbing, depression, family, fine dining, helping others, jail, leaders, learn by doing, mistakes, NAACP, opposition, poor, poverty, praying, restaurant, struggle, support, the system


  • Came from a big family, was the oldest of 14 children.
  • Grew up poor during the Depression, lived from one day to the next.
  • Dreamed that her black community would someday have access to the wealth and resources on "the other side of town."
  • Her restaurant, Dooky Chase's, became one of the first African-American-run fine dining establishments
  • Took inspiration from the bravery of the civil rights workers and Freedom Riders that met in her restaurant.
  • Advises that when people try to put up barriers to slow you down, you just have to learn to jump their hurdles.
  • Says we have two ears for a reason-you can take good advice in through one ear, and let negativity out through the other.
  • Believes life is what you make it and you can find beauty in anything you want to see beauty in.

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