Laurie's Open Road

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    The Original Roadtrip


    Los Angeles, CA


Chief Marketing Officer

“Just because you're competent and good at something doesn't necessarily mean that's what's going to fuel your passion.”




Exploration Hard Work Passion Pressure




dabble, slow down, trust your gut, veterinarian


Laurie Coots thought she had a straight and narrow path in life, and that was to become a veterinarian. Foregoing exploring any other pathways, she put herself on a fast track to achieve her goal, being one of only two women to be accepted into veterinary school. But soon after, Laurie realized that maybe this path wasn't for her. "I think looking back, I wish someone told me when I was 19 to slow down. This isn't a race," Laurie says. So Laurie took break and decided to dabble in a few other areas and explore her interests. She rode horses for a couple of years, and then got married and had a baby. It was when Laurie got a position working as a marketing director for Hilton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles that her life took a surprising turn. There, she met people who worked for the advertising agency Chiat Day, and after learning more about it she started inquiring about jobs there. When a position opened up for a secretary, Laurie decided to apply for it despite her lack of knowledge with computers. When she was offered the position, Laurie saw it as a foot in the door. At Chiat Day, Laurie did everything she could to go above and beyond what people would expect: she helped out on new business pitches and even helped make pitching new businesses into an actual profession. Since working at TBWA\Chiat\Day, Laurie has worked on major accounts like Apple Computers, Nissan, and Sony PlayStation. "I wake up in the morning and go 'hot d*mn, I get to go to work in the morning.'"

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