Larry's Open Road



“I would say, if it's something you're thinking about, do it. Find a way to do it.”


Entrepreneurship Music


Hard Work Negativity Desire Dedication Determination Passion Struggle


A&M records, alternate route, band management, booking bands, college, concert committee, concerts, debt, Korn, loans, management, managing bands, marketing, playing an instrument, radio, radio station, Social Distortion, The Offspring, try it, work for free


Even if you know what your interests truly are, following them isn't necessarily easy. Larry Weintraub knew from an early age he wanted to be involved in the music business, but when life didn't hand him the talent to rock a guitar, he went on to rock at something equally as important: working behind-the-scenes. From managing bands to working on any music related committee that would have him at UCLA to working at a tiny desk as he started a career, Larry continually and relentlessly pursued the music business industry, landing him to where he is now -- a sought after guest lecturer at business schools and the CEO of Fanscape.

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