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“The multiplicity of experiences that you have will make you unique for exactly something that you should—and want—to do.”


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Let's just say Larry Brilliant has not lived a life of expectedness and norm. Growing up in Detroit, Mich., and trained as an epidemiology doctor, Larry's trajectory led him to become a physician for several well known rock and roll bands (like the Grateful Dead) in the 70s. As part of this world of entertainment, Larry was then invited to be part of a movie that was partially filmed in India. While in India, Larry joined a monastery in the Himalayas to seek more positivity and control in his life. For two years, Larry studied a plethora of religions under his guru, or mentor, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islamism. But Larry couldn't get too comfortable in his new lifestyle as his guru told him one day that he shouldn't forget his talents as a doctor. Along with that, the guru told him that he needed to join the World Health Organization (WHO) to rid the world of smallpox. Trusting in his guru's advice, Larry flew to the United Kingdom where he joined the WHO's eradication project on smallpox and worked for five years directing efforts to eliminate the disease in India. Eventually, Larry oversaw the last case of smallpox on the earth. Since returning to the U.S., Larry has been a consultant for WHO's polio eradication project and was asked to run Google's new philanthropic arm, Larry also founded the nonprofit Seva Foundation, which has cured more than two million people of blindness in 15 countries.

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