Lance's Open Road

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    Here, There and Everywhere


    Portland, OR

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Filmmaker/Music Video Director

“It's your life, and you need to go hit all these different experiences while you can.”


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Being Creative


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Living in and out of gas stations and laundromats for most of his life, Lance Bangs never thought that one day he would become a sought-after music video director. He never went to film school, but started making videos on a Super 8 millimeter camera when he was young. He filmed personal diary-type stories about his life moving from one place to the next. His life turned around when in the '80s the band R.E.M. was giving money to fund underground filmmakers. When Lance was chosen, he moved down to Athens, Ga., where the band was based. While he was there, he started taking art classes at a local college to further his filmmaking. He wasn't trying to get into music videos, but happened to fall into it. As a lot of up-and-coming bands passed through Athens, they discovered the film work that Lance was doing and liked it. That's when Lance started getting more and more recognized for his work. Since then, Lance has directed music videos for bands such as the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Bjork, Death Cab For Cutie, and the Arcade Fire.

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