Kristin's Open Road


    Full Circle


    New Orleans, LA


Executive Director
Emeril Lagasse Foundation

“At every level, you have to take a little bit of risk. Just because you don’t have a huge amount of experience doesn’t mean you can’t learn along the way.”


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Helping People


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  • She grew up on a farm in rural Virginia with the dream of moving to New York City and becoming a singer.
  • Touts the power of arts and humanities degrees: says her English and theater degree helps her write, communicate, and lead meetings effectively.
  • Moved to New York after college to pursue her dreams, but found it was extremely competitive with no camaraderie; decided to enter the corporate world.
  • Went to a temp agency which helped her find her way into the world of television; worked as a segment producer for Oxygen.
  • Craving a change, she and her boyfriend decided to put all of their stuff into storage and drive across the country for three months; ended up in New Orleans.
  • She knew she wanted to get into nonprofit work, so she took a job at the Louisiana Children’s Museum doing fundraising.
  • When she interviewed for the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, she didn’t know much about Emeril, so she wasn’t intimidated when he conducted her interview himself.
  • Her combination of television experience and nonprofit work align perfectly at the foundation, which helps disadvantaged children realize their full potential.

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