Kitty's Open Road


Art Activist/Executive Director
Arts 2 People

“There will come a point when your interest in working with other people is so compelling there won't be a choice; you'll just be doing it.”


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art car, community work, creating, creativity, freedom, generation, giving back, government, inner litmus, judgement, litmus, painting, punk rock, purpose, resources, service, tattoos, travel, visions, working with others


Finishing art school with a degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Illustration, Kitty Love realized she wasn't actually interested in illustrating children's books. So she started waiting tables, hanging out in a punk rock bar, and eventually started tattooing her friends on a whim. Within six months, she quit her day job to tattoo full time. After touring the United States in a school bus and tattooing people all over the country, she settled in Ashville to run a tattoo shop and eventually start a non-profit service organization. Arts2People is devoted to promoting the role of the arts as an integral part of our culture by serving the entire community through arts outreach.

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