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Duration: 4:31

Themes Discussed:

Beliefs & Faith Community Desire Education Experience Inspiration Money & Financial Security Passion Self-Reflection Success Transitions

Tags: access, activism, adjustments, Africana studies, art, artist, attorney, bill, Brazil, Brotherhood Sister Sol, civil rights movement, combine, community, contribute, desire, destructive, discipline, Dominican Republic, drugs, education, equality, equity, ethical, expectations, exposure, family, gangs, Ghana, gift, guidance, guide, Haiti, homelessness, human rights, igniting, image, inequity, institutions, internal decision, international, leadership, learning, life, love, men, mentor, mentorship, passion, political, positive, poverty, reality, rent, self discovery, self order, social change, social-entrepreneur, social justice, social problems, social protest, South Africa, stage, strong, student of the world, study, successful, support, teachers, travel, union organizers, women, young people

Khary Lazarre-White

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol
Harlem, NY

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