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“The world in front of you is going to be a challenging and demanding one, but you have the capacity to create inside of that in a way that has no limits.”


Journalism Radio




Communicating / Sharing Stories


  • Was always intrigued by the power of "finding out something which people aren't talking about."
  • Grew up in a media-centric family-mom was a magazine writer, dad wrote for radio and television-and was always interested in narrative.
  • Penchant for journalism started when he spent a summer recording the story of an elderly Jewish refugee's harrowing escape from Eastern Europe.
  • Went into print journalism; worked in the newsroom of the Washington Post during Watergate.
  • Lived in Moscow for four years; this opened his eyes to what happens to a society when its citizens are denied access to factual information.
  • That experience made him realize how important it was for him to use his journalistic skills to inform others.
  • Says NPR reports facts in a non-polemical, civil dialogue, brings listeners extraordinary and important information.
  • Cites Thomas Jefferson's quote, "A people cannot be both ignorant and free," as a major source of inspiration in his career.

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