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“The world in front of you is going to be a challenging and demanding one, but you have the capacity to create inside of that in a way that has no limits.”


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Having grown up in a family of eight, with both parents working as writers, Kevin Klose has always been fascinated with exploring and recording the narratives of other people's lives. As a teenager, he spent one of his summers recording the story of an elderly Jewish refugee he encountered, writing down all the details of her harrowing escape from Eastern Europe. His penchant for journalism continued through college, and after graduation, he started working for a small local paper. Kevin spent a few years at the local paper before moving on to the Washington Post, where he was an editor and reporter for 25 years, during which he reported on the Watergate Scandal. Kevin's broad career in journalism has enabled him to travel the world as a correspondent, and later, as an executive. Eventually he was led to NPR, where he is currently the CEO and President. Kevin has found his career in journalism to have been incredibly rewarding because of both the content of his work and the nature of his colleagues.

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