Keith's Open Road



“I do believe you've got to be able to follow your dreams. If I hadn't done that, I'd probably be a real miserable person.”




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Keith Stegall had his future all mapped out: bachelor's degree in religion, master's of divinity, and PhD in philosophy of religion. He planned on being a philosopher and teaching at a university. Everything seemed on track when he started his master's program, yet Keith soon had second thoughts. After a decisive conversation with his advisor, who was "really smart, an intuitive kind of guy," Keith left behind the academic life he had envisioned. Looking back, he's grateful he did, since his departure from grad school freed him to pursue the career in music that he really wanted. Keith remains indebted to his advisor, for if he hadn't given Keith "the little nudge" that he needed, he suspects that he would be teaching philosophy now instead of writing songs.

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