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“The best thing you can do is to feed your experiences. Because that’s your bank to pull things out and make things happen.”


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It’s not often that engineers are proven wrong by a couple of students who aren’t old enough to drink yet. But that’s exactly what happened when classmates Jessica Matthews and Julia Silverman came up with Soccket, the world's first eco-friendly portable generator in the form of a soccer ball. The two Harvard undergrads aren’t engineers—in fact, their innovative creation came to fruition because it was an assignment for a class. But small ideas can yield big impact, and what started as a mere means to a grade ended up having the potential to bring power to millions of resource-deficient communities worldwide. It certainly changed the lives of Jessica and Julia, who have now established their own social enterprise called Uncharted Play, which designs creative play products to address issues plaguing society. These days, the young entrepreneurs get to say they ‘play’ for a living, and relish the fact that they get to tap into their childhood imaginations as their life’s work. Their words of advice? Never abandon your childlike sense of wonder and imagination: “Everyone remembers what they were thinking of when they were kids, and what they thought could be possible. Keep holding onto that.”

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